Virtual Reality Therapy

Prolonged Exposure Therapy, a form of cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT), makes it possible to retrain your reaction to a feared situation. With new technology, Virtual Reality can immerse you into a 3-D generated world, such as flying in a plane or looking down at a skyscraper so you can be exposed to your fear at your pace to build your confience.

If you have phobias or social anxiety, you might be a good candidate for Virtual Reality Therapy. 

Dr. Greenfield conducts a screening evaluation for all patients to help determine whether this form of treatment is right for you.

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Telemental HealtH Services

We are pleased to offer telemental health services to our patients, which refers to online treatment. The benefit is now being offered by some insurance companies. While we encourage office visits, we understand that life's circumstances like inclement weather, scheduling conflicts, baby sitting difficulties or medical conditions can pose a problem. Telemental Health is HIPPA compliant. It may not be appropriate for all.

If you're interested, please contact you health insurance company regarding your benefits.