How virtual Reality could help

Are your phobias preventing you from enjoying your life? Do you avoid situations or find that your work or relationships are suffering?

Prolonged Exposure Therapy, a form of cognitive behavioral techniques (CBT), makes it possible to retrain your reaction to a feared situation. With new technology, Virtual Reality can immerse you into a 3-D generated world. Imagine flying in a plane, looking down from a skyscraper, riding a crowded elevator or subway, driving a highway or busy streets through tunnels and bridges, giving a speech in a crowded room or having a blood test or injection without panicking or passing out.


Virtual Reality isn't a stand alone therapy. When used with cognitive behavioral techniques, research demonstrates that it is equally as effective as CBT but it is successful in fewer sessions. It isn't for everyone. All patients undergo a screening evaluation to determine if it is right for you.


You will be trained in relaxation skills, wear goggles and headphones to simulate the sights, sounds and sensations. Your virtual reality is real. You can expose yourself to your fear at your pace and frequency while building self confidence. Your therapist will accompany you while you learn to cope.